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Sunday, November 6, 2011


I just got home from a crafternight with some very talented and creative women.  Sadly, I did not take pictures.  Happily, my husband has become a model.  Maybe this could be his next big thing...

photo courtesy Robyn Steely, ED at Write Around Portland

Also this breakfast tofu recipe has been hanging out in a blog draft for long enough that I've referenced it to make breakfast multiple times, so I figured it was time to actually post it.  I've been finding more and more lately, though I try and deny it, that I just don't like eggs.  That's it.  So tofu for breakfast is a tasty alternative.  Because it can become anything you want it to be.

Also did you know that it's actually not proper grammar to have two spaces at the end of your sentence?  Read this.  I just spaced twice.  What do you think?  Do you use one space or two?  I think this will be a hard one to break.  space...space...

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