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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

And just down the street from Jola Cafe

I have been a little busy this year starting a new job at Element Wellness & Sports Rehab, building a Women's Health niche within the clinic and spreading the goodness of pelvic health. Check me out here to keep a little more updated on this other passion of my life. Or just to learn a little more about what we do in the world of Women's Health Physical Therapy.

Mandi (Dr. Mandi, that is :) )

Holiday Artisan Fair 2013

So I don't blog much, huh. BUT...I still make things. And will be representing this here little blog at a holiday fair on Friday! Come join us! Drink bubbles! Buy handmade gifts from local artisans! I'm selling upcycled circle scarves, reuseable coffee filters, and some handy leather coffee cozies made by G. Get your holiday on!!

Some of the other ladies selling their wares are below. Check them out! Shop small and support your local crafters and artisans.

Just Love.ly Things

See you there!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Roasted Smooshed Tomato Sauce

I just made the best tomato sauce. I actually googled "best tomato sauce recipe" and came up with a couple hits, I always trust Martha so I went with her. We have SO MANY tomatoes growing in our backyard, so many that the one plant being held up by 3 poles is pulling them down. G harvested 3 large bowls worth while I was in Montana, so I had plenty to work with.

Now Martha is a fan of coring then halving. I'm fine with that on the big ones. But the cherries and my little "ceylon" heirlooms? Not worth it. Better method? Popping! Seriously, I just squeezed the little guys till they split and spit out all their seeds. Most of the time they shot into the bowl; sometimes onto my shirt, and a couple times into the basement stairwell. I was laughing at myself and having a jolly ol' time.

So I squeezed them or cored them and seeded them and tossed them with olive oil, S&P and thyme, then roasted them at 425 for 45 minutes. Just like Martha said, the skins pulled right off; what skins didn't come off I just left on. I threw it all in the food processor (only overflowed it on the first batch--that fill line is there for a reason!), added some fresh basil, and whala. Perfect roasted tomato sauce. So perfect I decided I needed to blog about it.

Off to make some lasagna to feed my Hood to Coast team tomorrow. No pictures. Just words.