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Thursday, May 10, 2012


The sun has been out this week, and the tastes of summer are starting to appear. Asparagus has been our houseguest this week it seems. We walked up to the season opener of our neighborhood Farmer's Market last night without a grocery list but determined to make a meal only out of what ingredients we found there. And a fine meal we found! We got to chat up the people from Wintergreen Farm, where we are getting our first CSA this summer. I said, our first CSA. That means we're for real Portlanders, does it not? We're excited. I'm sure there will be foodie pics a plenty when we get our first box of produce. And second. And third...

Our market meal consisted of grilled asparagus, beet salad, and a fine loaf of french bread. Even though the sun was a shinin', it was cool outside, but we sat on the front porch nonetheless and enjoyed our first local meal of 2012.

Tonight's dinner is some asparagus pizza from Smitten Kitchen. Why would I ever take pictures of food when Deb does it so much better than I do?

These shots are from one of our weekend meals; after a Cinco de Mayo party (hola chips and 7-layer bean dip!), an end-of-school brunch (is it too much to have a third waffle?), and an entire bag of orange slices (no, not the healthy kind), we were kind of ready for a simple non-carby meal. So out came the grill and onto our plate spilled corn on the cob, asparagus (yes, again), and some fine slices of polenta (sprinkled with a little salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes). Of note was also the gluten-free beer by Widmer, which was pretty tasty for a GF variety. Tis the season for front porch dining. And, apparently, asparagus.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Little Orphan Banners

I've been hard at work making banners (bunting?) lately, and I finally got some up for sale at Open Space Cafe. These babies are the result of some heavy duty digging in the bins at SCRAP, color-coordinated piling, and mixy-matchy pairing. Not to mention way more time than necessary finding the perfect ribbon to pull them all together. I think they're awesome. Some I don't love, but G keeps reminding me that someone might love them. Below is my statement I have hung on the shelf by the piles of triangles and ribbons:

"I have a soft spot for scraps. For orphan pieces of material that no one seems to have use for anymore. Pieces of upholstery samples, curtains, and wall coverings. Now these scraps can brighten a party, a window, or a nursery. No longer bound for the landfill, these little orphan scraps now have a new home."

Fun? I think so! If they do well in the shop I may put them up on etsy, but one step at a time! If you're in PDX, stop by 28th and Holgate, say hey to Mo and browse over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. You might even see a tall handsome man working behind the counter (but don't get any ideas, he's married!).