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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Rivers and Oceans: the Oregon Coast to the Deschutes River. A snippet of the miles travelled in the past 2 weeks.

It started with an unexpected trip to Seattle. It has been a LONG time since I've taken to the highway solo. I love it. It felt good. And there was family on the other side.

Graham's cousin had a beautiful wedding on Sunday. It seriously deserves it's own post. Also there will be a post about my dress...

This is how my parents roll. Badass.
Pickled beets from our garden
The Oregon Coast Aquarium
Sisters Quilt Show with my Mama!
delicious smelling hops on the Deschutes Brewery Tour

We ended with a gorgeous thunder storm over the Deschutes gorge. One of my favorite places on earth. I wish I could bottle up the smell of sage and heat and dust and earth. I'll settle for the smell of basil and rain and sun when it comes around. It doesn't smell so bad here at home.

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July 16

Today was a post-vacation recovery day. Yesterday was chaos inside me. A week's vacation left me feeling anxious and unwanting to come home. Not the typical "aw man, do I have to start setting an alarm again?" but a deep, dark and uncomfortable feeling of not wanting to go back to real life. Not wanting to return to work. To the house. To normal. My dear friend Abby named it for me--she called it re-entry. When you are edgy and quick to be angry for no reason. When you're mad at your partner for reasons that have nothing to do with your partner. When you get in a fight in front of your parents then don't talk or look at each other during a whole meal, then realize the fight isn't at all what the fight was about (after a 40 minute walk to "water the garden").

So, today I recovered. Our re-entry was cushioned by a warm meal on a friend's back porch, then a warm fire and good conversation. Today I woke early (yes, to an alarm) for a walk with a friend and some catching up. Then time at Open Space watching Graham barista for the masses (or the few regulars who he knows by name), while catching up on email and blogs. A walk along Hawthorne, to Cool Cottons then stocking the fridge and buying stakes to support our tomatos which grew 3 feet (I swear) while we were gone. A bike ride downtown, where I may or may not have thumbed through 5 crafty books at Powell's while enjoying an iced coffee and a pretzel. Topped the night off with yoga, and now I'll bottle some beer with my husband. Re-entry is complete.

And I still get another day before re-entering the workspace. I can't complain. I really can't complain.

Health Food

I feel awesomely healthy tonight. I came home after work to an empty house, and a full bag of produce from our CSA on the counter. I'm talking gorgeous kale, yummy chard, a perfect sphere of cabbage, and beautiful carrots. Surely my dinner is in front of me, right? Nope. Who wants to cook for yourself after the first day back to work after vacation? Not this girl. After eating half the piece of pie that G left me (our friend Tom is the most amazing kitchen guru), I decided instead to make a Peanut Butter and Basil sandwich. My friend Dana is a little crazy. But she takes great photos and has some creative ideas in the kitchen. A couple slices of Dave's Killer Bread (G always brings home the ends of bread from work), some PB, and a handful of basil from my little Bonsai Basil out back and dinner was served.

Now I'm finishing the pie. :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sunday Catch

What a month. I don't even know what all has happened in the past few weeks, but it hasn't been the most fun. Actually some of it has just plain sucked. And I've been grumpy. So I haven't posted because I'm pretty transparent--you'd know I was in a bad mood even if I didn't say it. So, here I am. On the upswing (again). I know there's always an upswing--and there will probably be another downhill, but it always gets better again. I started running again today--that always helps. I've been out due to a bum ankle and thus have not had my primary coping mechanism, which of course has contributed to the sucky mood. So. I'm taking care of myself. And my spouse has been great--isn't it funny (and a blessing) that when I'm down he's solid; I guess it's designed to be like that huh?

We've been playing a lot of catch lately. He found our mitts downstairs somewhere (mine definitely smells like mildew; also I've had it since the fourth grade and it still looks almost new!) so we've taken over the street and the park to play. And besides my continued fear of it hitting me in the face, it's been pretty fun. We had a good Sunday date last week. Here's how it went:

We started at our local video shop. CJ doesn't always have the best recommendations, but it's nice to know your video guy by name (and to have a video guy, period). We got When Harry Met Sally.

 We biked. This is my new bike! She's pretty. I kind of hoped that a new bike would instantly make biking more fun and easy and make me love it...it wasn't so magic. I do love my bike, and it's a lot quieter than my mountain beast (thanks mom! I've been riding your bike since I left the house!) and prettier, but it still takes work. Sigh.

 We found an actual ball park to play in. Only problem is that the ball rolls a lot more on the dirt than on grass...

 My handsome spouse.

 I was certainly dressed for the sport. Yes, it was cool enough to wear boots even though it was late June.

 Back home to make dinner--starting with some Montana beer.

Mexican Sweet Corn (adapted from Runner's World) and Black Bean chipotle tacos.

Grill corn on the grill (or roast in the oven).
Combine in bowl:
2 T butter (soft or melted)
2 T olive oil
2 tsp chili powder
grated zest and juice of 1 lime
salt and pepper as you like

Rub the buttery yumminess on the grilled corn, then roll in a crumble of cotija cheese and tortilla chips (crumbled in the food processor--we didn't have cilantro but they recommend it and I would too!)

The tacos were just Gardenburger's Black Bean Chipotle burgers crumbled up and sauteed with onion (from our garden, yo!), shallot, and garlic, then topped with avocado and a healthy dose of sour cream.

A delicious and easy sunny front porch dinner. Sun and easy dinner make me happy. Hoping for more of both to come. I am on the upswing, you know.