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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Roasted Smooshed Tomato Sauce

I just made the best tomato sauce. I actually googled "best tomato sauce recipe" and came up with a couple hits, I always trust Martha so I went with her. We have SO MANY tomatoes growing in our backyard, so many that the one plant being held up by 3 poles is pulling them down. G harvested 3 large bowls worth while I was in Montana, so I had plenty to work with.

Now Martha is a fan of coring then halving. I'm fine with that on the big ones. But the cherries and my little "ceylon" heirlooms? Not worth it. Better method? Popping! Seriously, I just squeezed the little guys till they split and spit out all their seeds. Most of the time they shot into the bowl; sometimes onto my shirt, and a couple times into the basement stairwell. I was laughing at myself and having a jolly ol' time.

So I squeezed them or cored them and seeded them and tossed them with olive oil, S&P and thyme, then roasted them at 425 for 45 minutes. Just like Martha said, the skins pulled right off; what skins didn't come off I just left on. I threw it all in the food processor (only overflowed it on the first batch--that fill line is there for a reason!), added some fresh basil, and whala. Perfect roasted tomato sauce. So perfect I decided I needed to blog about it.

Off to make some lasagna to feed my Hood to Coast team tomorrow. No pictures. Just words.