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Monday, August 27, 2012

Welp, here it is.

Dear Blog: I've come to a few realizations. One: I can't keep up with you. Two: I'm just not meant to be a blogger, a regular post a lot blogger like I tried to do for awhile. Three: That's ok.

I've been spending more *time* (or less time) pinning things on Pinterest (follow me!). I find something or make something and can just pin it to come back to it later. Like when I have 8 windows open and Graham wants to check his email; I can now just pin the page I was on and come back to it later. Voila!

BUT I'm not abandoning you, dear blog. I will still be around now and then. Because I'm still making things, and those things are real-life here in my home, not online to "pin" (or I suppose I could actually start pinning things, but there may be some risk for being poked if I did that.) For example: I've been a homesteading mama like crazy lately! Look at all I've made! Some of it we grew, some of it we picked, and some of it was just from our CSA. Oh and I'm not done yet!

Marion Berry jam: berries hand picked at The Pumpkin Patch, jam made following this recipe, with help from here.
Jam birthday-gift style
a little party banner too (see below)
Pickles: GREAT recipe here for one-jar at a time (though I obviously did 6). I used big cukes, which apparently turn mushy (instead of pickling cukes). But it's what I had and they needed preserving!

Also carrots, beets (with help from the Ball book) and green beans (following the recipe in jam it, pickle it, cure it)! All stored a sturdy shelf I found for free driving home from brunch yesterday. Gotta love that!
A few other snippets of the summer, of posts that I had meant to put more effort into, but am choosing not to. I hope you faithful readers have not been disappointed :)

I made this dress! From scratch! To be honest I don't even remember exactly what I copied...another dress? And used the super easy t-shirt into tanktop idea (which you can find on my pinterest boards, hint hint) for the straps, with a piece of pretty ribbon. I would do it again in prettier fabric...this is what I had a LOT of (thanks Stephanie!) on hand and I though it was kind of retro-summery. So fun!

This has been my craft of choice lately: paper banners. This was at a family wedding this summer (I didn't actually make the banner, but helped her with the idea. The pennant shape is too time consuming for this girl!). I made a bunch for another friend's wedding and of course didn't take any pictures. I also made her a burlap banner for over the guest book that turned out super cute. I'll post pics when she sends me some after the wedding. Super easy and fun to pick out great papers!

So, there it is. A little summer wrap up. I'm not giving up, but I'm not putting out any goals for myself. I'll keep you posted.