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Friday, November 16, 2012

Custom & Handmade Christmas Gifts

If anyone is looking for something handmade for Christmas gifts, I've got a couple little things for you. I've already been given an order for a couple scarves (in Oregon Ducks/West Linn colors, no less!), and I have a handful of Christmas cards and pillows out with a friend to sell at Christmas Bazaars. So I just thought I'd post a couple items here in case you are interested. If anything strikes your fancy, give me a holler and I'll put it together for you! I don't have my etsy store up and running yet, maybe by next year you can go directly there. For now, you've got this. Happy shopping!

**Everything starred is already made but not sold yet, so holler quick and I'll pull it out before it hits the table at a craft bazaar!

Cards: I hand carved the stamp for the cards and envelopes, and the stripe is Washi tape. I also have some Beet cards that I carved out of a woodblock; will try to get pics up soon.
$5/6cards or $1/card (+envelope)
Choose your color! I also have a couple blue and green ones
The envelopes; I also have cards with this tree stamp

25x25 pillow** $18
25x25 pillow** $18
12/12 pillow** $15
Cotton banner**, $12; Customizable for color and length
Personalized Burlap banner, $12
Think "Merry Christmas" or "NOEL"
Tshirt scarf, customizable up to 3 colors $15
If you have any questions do feel free to shoot me an email! Let me know by the end of November if you would like anything so I can get going on it right away and get it to you. It will obviously be easier to get things to my PDX friends, but I don't mind shipping if I can get it out soon enough!