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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baby Shower

I'm supposed to be packing for Bellingham (!), but feel like blogging instead.  I always rehearse my blogs in my head, and when I realize I've been doing it for some time without getting anything down, I know it's time to write.  Except, now that I sit down to type, my photo card isn't reading, and someone just solicited at my doorbell, and I'm frump.  I am excited to share what I've been working on, but it just doesn't seem to do justice to talk about it without showing.  So...here I am.

We did have a fun baby shower for Megan a couple weekends ago.  Her bump just keeps bumping along each time we see her.  It was a good time to see old friends and new, including our friend Megan who is finishing midwifery school.  She may be the only woman I know who gets as excited as I do about talking about very personal things*...
Probably talking about lactation...

We each contributed to the Kimmelshue library
Supercute handmade headbands
My upcycled onesie
 *I specialize in women's health issues as a physical therapist, so discussing very personal things including vaginas, poop, and pee is part of my daily life.  And I so enjoy it!

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