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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Guest of Honor

I just realized I had started a post a couple weeks ago, and all that was written was the photo caption "The Guest of Honor". Oops.  If there's one thing I've learned about blogging (and probably known about myself for a long time...), it's that I have to start and finish a post in one sitting.  Or it won't get done.  I'm getting over that notion right now.

Megan is pregnant.  With twins.  So we are making her a quilt--two quilts, actually.  The girls from my home community got together a few weeks ago to start putting it together.  Our family started a new tradition last year with the birth of great-grandkid #2 (Emma came along before we all realized our shared love of crafting I think...), where we get together (from states apart) and make a quilt together.  (See my post about my nephew's quilt).  Anyway, we're making one for Megan's little ones too, and we planned a big night of quilting together to work on it, but decided to invite the giftee to share in the festivities. 
 The Guest-of-honor 

It was most of the girls' first time cutting and piecing, which made it a fun teaching experience for me.  Everyone just brought 2 coordinating fat quarters, and I brought out my stash to mix and match.  After 3 hours (including drinks and snacks), most of the pieces were cut out, and some were sewn together.  We're having quilt night #2 this week.  I'll post more after that...

Kim's first square...and so much enthusiasm!


  1. sad face. wish I could've been there : (

  2. Me too! I just followed Megan's link to your blog and didn't realize it was you. We miss you guys too :(

  3. thank you for being such a good teacher!