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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I love our neighborhood.  It really has all that I need, for the most part, within walking distance.  Graham is out of town, so I've been hammering down on a to-do list today.  I started the day biking to New Cascadia to meet with some PT friends to scheme on how we are going to save the world through physical therapy.  Then I stopped at Goodwill to get some baby stuff to upcycle.  I made plans to have a lunch date in North Portland with my friend Crystal, but it started raining, so instead I dropped the car off at the auto place to fix the windshield wipers.  That's where my walk began.  Here's where I went:

1. New Seasons (to get lunch meat and cheese for lunch)
2. Sellwood-Moreland Library (to drop off my ballot, which is due at 8 pm tonight.  I'm early!)
3. Wallace Books (the best, most cluttered used book store ever)
4. Westmoreland Liquor (to get tequila for Margaritas with Katy & Joel before home community)
5. Silver Lining (to find a dress for Seth & Molly's wedding, no luck)
6. Home.  To eat lunch on the front steps, blog, and think about the paperwork for my annual review that I'm supposed to have filled out by tomorrow.  But c'mon, it's my day off.

Back to it. 

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