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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I have a heart for Africa. I've never been, but it's on my list. My mom has been, and my dad. My aunt and uncle. Many friends. Some for weeks, some for a couple years. I'll go. Just haven't had my opportunity yet.

OHSU is teaching hospital in Portland that is partnering with hospitals in Ethiopia to provide healthcare for women. There are many resources that can give more detail than I can; check them out below. Global womens' health is an issue close to my heart as an individual and as a professional. And, it turns out, even as a crafter.

My friend and colleague Ann is an excellent seamstress, and she took on the task of making 20 dresses so that each woman who had surgery would have a new dress to go home in. She had 30 days to do this. I helped out by making belts...5 belts, to her 20 dresses. There is another team going in November, and we'll be more proactive and start early. If any of you want to help, give a holler and I'll get you some details!

Some places to read more, and please do! There are simple things you can do to support this program, financially or otherwise.

 Global Collaboration in Rural Ethiopia | Outreach Programs | OHSU Center for Women's Health
A movie to watch: A Walk to Beautiful
A great book about women's health across the globe: Half The Sky
And a great fiction novel that touches on some of the same topics: Cutting for Stone

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  1. I spent a summer in Ethiopia working in an orphanage and hospital and have six siblings adopted from there. It's such an amazing place with amazing people. It's so great when people do things (even something like making belts) for a place I love. :-) It was nice meeting you last night!