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Sunday, October 2, 2011

July's Babes

I'm finally getting to our summer babes!  After all that anticipation and visiting friends with growing bellies and stories to tell, July brought 3 new babes into the world (well, 3 in our circle of friends, I should say).  Here are just a few shots of them. Afton & Ruthie were anxious to see the world, so they came a little early and were so itty bitty.  We like to claim them as our own in conversation...they are just too darn precious not to.  And we finally finished our collaborative quilt project for the twins this week!  They are backed in flannel and turned out so stinking soft I almost didn't want to give them up.  We hand tied them (thanks girls!) and they came together so perfect.  Enjoy some baby drooling!

A few days old in the NICU
2 weeks old wearing the onesie I made.  Not sure which this is...Ruthie maybe?

The finished quilts! 

Ruthie is glad her sister won't steal hers.

Look how big they are!  11 weeks here and their first trip to "Uncle & Auntie's" house

 We finally got to meet Juniper down in Eugene last week, and she has already gotten so big!  It's such a contrast to go from the twins to her, both in size and personality.  She is so smiley and giggly!  Her nursery is covered in bike stuff, so the pink fabric was a perfect fit (duh, that's why I picked it).  I haven't finished one of the projects I started for her way back in March, but by golly, Christmas is-a-comin'. 
Burp cloths


  1. The girls and I absolutely love their quilts. They are so soft to lay down on the floor and play on, which they are doing a lot of these days! Thanks aunties, we love you!

  2. I just re-looked at that first picture and oh my goodness they were soo tiny! I forget how little bitty they were. Is that Graham's hand?

  3. I don't know who's hand it is, there's no ring! I think it must be graham's and he probably had just climbed or something. I know though, they were so tiny!