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Monday, October 17, 2011

Cross It Off the List

I am a master at starting things.  I took a "quiz" at a convention during grad school and it labeled me as an "Artisan"; it described an Artisan as one with great enthusiasm for new ideas and energy for starting new projects, yet prone to fizzle out and not follow through to the finish.  Make a to-do list but not cross the last thing off.  That describes me pretty well.  Today, I finished some things.  I finished a baby gift which will now be a Christmas gift.  I finished my book club book, Sometimes a Great Notion (if you haven't read this Oregon classic, go check it out!  It's long but a great read).  And I've been starting and finishing dozens of Christmas ornaments.  Yes, I said Christmas.  I'm getting an early start while I'm excited, anticipating the fizzle out come December.   
Bird mobile pattern from Spool Sewing.
The ornaments were hung on the hooks with care...
Now that I've finished the aforementioned projects, I'm ready to start (and continue) on a couple others.  One of my goals is to finish the quilt I started for myself last year on my birthday, by my birthday this year.  Mom and Dad were in town last week and mom and I did a little shop-hopping while Graham and dad did some hops shopping.  There is a bucket of a Cold Smoke replica burping in our basement as we speak (we'll keep you posted on how close they got to the right taste...looking forward to that), and there are piles of fabric waiting to be turned into baby quilts.  And waiting to be cut and sent out to all you Reimers kin for the next heirloom creation.  The gal at Cool Cottons was oh so helpful picking out fabrics for another quilt that has been brewing in the creative spaces in my brain.  Dad was oh so helpful with moving furniture around to rearrange my craft room and the living room, and mom was oh so so helpful sorting out my fabrics by color so they are in nice little piles instead of a heap-in-a-bin!  I feel like my creative juices are flowing a little more freely with an open and cleaned up room though I know Graham is putting money on the day it looks like a bomb exploded in there again.  But for now, I'll keep it clean.

Watch your mailboxes for your very own swatch!
Shelf from Ikea for $35.  It almost fit in the Subaru...
Mini quilt for Dad