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Monday, June 4, 2012

Melancholia Blooms

We watched Melancholia a couple weeks ago. It is a good movie: gets you feeling uncomfortable at times you're supposed to feel uncomfortable (so uncomfortable at times), anxious when you're supposed to feel anxious, etc. I mention it because I kind of feel like it is how I've been feeling lately. The premise is that a star (like a planet, not a movie star) is on course to collide with Earth, and all these things are happening in these two sisters' lives that they associate with the changes in the universe.

Now I don't typically associate my own life's events with what the stars are doing, but I was talking with a friend today about how things have just been crazy lately, I've felt crazy lately, a little manic and exhausted; she asked if I thought it had anything to do with the recent solar eclipse. Hmm. We saw it, and it was pretty cool. But could it really change my every day life and mood and motivation?

I think I could blame it more on the fact that I haven't been running due in part to a sore ankle and part to low motivation; I haven't been to yoga in about a month; we're talking about change in terms of G seeking out his path; my schedule changed so I'm working four-tens in a row (I had a day off in the middle previously). There is a lot going on, a lot. So couldn't it all be that? I guess I can't really answer it all. But I can move forward. Run. Shavasana. Pray. Spend time with myself and spend time with friends. Seek out and accept support and advice. I guess I can't really help what's going on in the solar system, but I know Someone is making it all work out. And I don't expect another star to overtake Earth anytime soon.

All that being said, here's a bit of the good stuff I've been up to over the past month. It hasn't all been melancholy, and I should mention it hasn't been anywhere near the level of emotions the characters in Melancholia experience. There have been nuggets, some really good nuggets actually. Here's a few.

Eggs: where babies come from. I mention babies because these eggs went into some flourless chocolate cupcakes that Kelly and I made to bring to work to meet baby Amelia today. We went to work on our day off...maybe that's something I should not make a habit. But for a baby, it's worth it. 

Paper+scissors+powdered sugar = art
After baking we got pedis
The garden is growing! Enough rain, now we need more sun!
 My lillies bloomed this weekend. I love when they bloom. Every summer they wilt and die and I pull them out and I think there is no way they'll come back next year. But life finds a way. They know what they're doing, and every spring, up they come and then with some sun and some rain they burst into firey color. I love it. And speaking of Lilly, another little Lilly came into the world last week, to our friends Chad and Charissa. I'll tell more about that later, when I have some pictures of her to share as well. I got to be present to welcome baby Lilly into the world; what an honor and a gift. More to come!

*I just scrolled back to the top of this post to see if I had titled it yet. I had originally just had "melancholia" as the title. But look at how it ended! Life and birth and color! Sometimes I need to remind myself of these gifts, even in the midst of melancholy times. I'm going to yoga tonight. I'm taking care of me. And I'm okay.

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