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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Learning Curves

I feel like with that title, I should have something witty about things I've been learning lately.  But in reality, I just want to show off my curves!  Shannon inspired me earlier this year to try curves (they're really not that hard! she said), so I finally took the opportunity on some squares for the next family heirloom quilt.  Two of my cousins became papas to their second daughters this week, on the same day!  These are squares I put together for Emma (who by virtue of her birthdate 8(?!) years ago missed out on the new tradition begun only last year), and her new little sister Addy.  (Magdalena Rosalie is going to have to wait a bit for her quilt.)  I can't wait to see the whole quilt when it is finished, but it's always fun to share a snippet of what I contributed.  I used this little know-how page below to help guide, and it was super easy to follow...which is so key for a person like me who has to follow directions to a T.  So there you have it, a nice learning curve.

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