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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Catching up

I am finally catching up.  Finishing projects that I started this spring, or summer, or last winter.  My rotary cutter went kaput in May, and I just purchased a new one today.  I am typically a fabric snob, and really like my cute local quilting stores that have amazing fabric, but they do typically have higher prices.  So since I was looking for tools more than fabric, I went to JoAnn Fabric today, and it just happens to be "Coupon Commotion"!  (Exclamation point was required, though I do usually save them for more special occasions than this).  I got a great deal on a new rotary cutter and a couple yards of flannel to back the baby quilts that I'm finally back to working on.  Here are some of my/our accomplishments over the past few months, in addition to some other bits of our summer.

*2 days later, I return to finish the post.  This seriously does not work for me this leaving things unfinished, but I'm acquainting myself to the computer and figuring stuff out again, so here it is.  Most of this is of our roadtrip back to Colstrip for my 10 year reunion in June, via Idaho and Yellowstone. 

A laptop case with a bird on it (by special request)

Josh is very excited to finally get his case
Our first harvest
Skunk Lake near Cascade, ID
Our campsite in Yellowstone, in June
Mandi on Beartooth Pass: "Graham, when Christmas is here,
and I'm homesick,  remind me I got this in June." 
It hasn't been said enough--this is in JUNE!
Rainstorm at Red Lodge Brewing
Dad's first official race!  Graham beat us both.
Terri taught me how to make hexagons...
...which kept me busy the long haul back to Oregon.

More to come, now that I think I've got the picture thing figured out.  Happy about 2 new arrivals into our family yesterday too, which means more baby stuff!

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