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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's a Beautiful Day

We've had our second sunny day off this week, and I am relishing in the warmth! Graham and I spent both Sunday and today riding our bikes downtown, stopping to get yummy gluten-free goods at New Cascadia (who no longer uses potato starch, making almost everything Mandi-friendly), reading on the Eastbank Esplanade while the Hawthorne bridge raised to let a boat through, eating a picnic on the Park blocks, and browsing the stacks at Central Library. We watched the first half of the Timbers game at Deschutes Brewery over a shared pint of GF beer on Sunday.  Today we browsed through the Museum of Contemporary Craft, and it has inspired a deep desire to learn how to weave. Laurie Herrick has some beautiful creations.  I checked out my new book club book, as well as Quilting for Peace, and was inspired to start AND finish a project in the afternoon. A well balanced day, if I may say so. Thank you, sun!

Adam's transplants from his & Wylie's trip 2 years ago are still alive

And the lilies Graham got for his birthday last year are coming back!
(thanks Emily...I know they were really for me)

Still cool enough for slippers

Burp cloth for some baby on the way (really not sure which one)
Happy spring!