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Friday, February 18, 2011

Packing for Houston & Guatemala

  I took our neighbor to the airport yesterday afternoon, and she asked what I had been doing on my day off.  "Stuffing a dinosaur" I told her.  "I'm not even sure what that means..." was her reply, which I suppose was pretty appropriate.  I saw some stuffed dinos at a little store near The Observatory, where I met my married-girls for a married-girls happy hour a few weeks ago, and have had them stuck in my head ever since.  So I pulled the remnants of the quilt backing and got to work.  The Mill End Stored didn't have any Fiberfill, but they did have some shredded foam toy filler, which seemed appropriate, so I bought a 1 pound bag, stuffed it in my bike bucket (1 lb of foam turns out to be a pretty big bag), and happily rode home.  I didn't take any pics of the process, because it was such a process to get it stuffed!  Think 3 inch hole + a funnel made of paper + tiny bits of staticky foam + a chopstick.  I made a mess.  But he's done and stuffed.  Graham tried to introduce him to Gilda, but apparently he's a serpentine dinosaur that attacks cats; she's not a fan.  I think he's cute. 
Here's the rest of my packing for Taylen, Ty, & Belinda:

Burp cloths
Inspired by Dig This Chick

I made this little trinket for Belinda on her birthday, which is in November.  I think I remembered to text her, but I did not send a card, nor a present, but I think I get some credit for making something, even if it's almost 3 months late, right?  Also I'm not sure what it is.  I've had it floating around the house a little; I put my earrings in it one day, I suppose it could be a trivet or a pot holder.  I didn't measure the binding, and am still a beginner anyway, so it was way to short to get around the edge.  Plus, how the heck to you bind a circle? (Any tips will be welcome).  So, it's just a gift.  Full of love.  And late.
Mystery craft

I'm bringing this lil' quilt as a gift for the members of the Antigua Rotary Club who we'll be working with in Guatemala.  It was the first quilt that I did a binding for, and it's just been hanging out waiting to be gifted.  Follow us on our trip at
I'm looking forward to shopping for some traditional fabric to bring home...

I'm off to pack!

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  1. We miss you! Thanks for sending the link to your fabulous blog. I love looking at all your STUFF!!! Hopefully we'll get quality time with you soon; we're thinking of you : 0 )

  2. Hey girl! You are a busy little creator! I've done......nothing. I did make a cute doll for EJ for Christmas and Melanie's gift, but nothing since. Hibernating. I always love your style and colors! You've got a great eye and brave spirit! I think when binding a circle, cutting the binding in the bias would be a place to start because then it will stretch. I know I've seen instructions somewhere....try googling it or ask at your quilt store! I haven't ventured into curved lines yet....they're next on my list!

    Be safe in Guatemala!
    Love you both! See you in May!