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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Rest of Christmas

 I'm home sick for the second day this week (not including my regular day off), so I'm going to use my time well.  I'm going to write about the rest of the gifts we gave for Christmas.  Graham specifically wanted to make something that we both could make together (last year he baked something and I sewed something for a lot of our gifts).  We came up with a good combined use of our passions--we made embroidered blank cards for everyone & gave them in packs with envelopes.  I think I enjoyed teaching Graham to "sew" more than he enjoyed it, but he was a trooper and made some sweet original designs.  I only once came home to find a card in the garbage, the torn pieces held together only by the embroidery floss.  It was also one of those projects where you get better as you go, so here is a sampling of the final pack we made (which may have been the best looking). 
The pups are my dogs-in-law, Jaeger and Doozer

Gilda in her Christmas outfit
I also decided exactly one week before Graham's step-family's big Christmas party that I was going to make something for the gift exchange.  I took a class with Veronica in Eugene (will post about that sometime) on freestyle log-cabin quilting.  So I made this great table runner.  Unfortunately, due to the fact that I finished hand stitching the binding as we pulled into the driveway of said party, I did not get a picture of the final product, which is now at home in Arizona with his auntie.  Here's the work in progress.  It was my first project on his Grandmother Betty's old Singer, which is gorgeous and very much in need of some oiling, but worked beautifully nonetheless. 


  1. Hi! Yay for your blog! You've officially been added to by google reader. Lucky girl! I love the card idea--I may have to steal it because I still have a truckload of paper leftover from my days schlepping scrap booking supplies and a lot of embroidery thread from our Jesse Tree project we did for advent. Love you! Mmmkay--I'm not sure how to sign my comment from the drop down, so if it doesn't work out, it's me--Robyn--xoxoxo

  2. Hey girl! Loving all of this! The log cabin project is pretty cool! Strong work! And the quilt for TJR is looking like a really fun project! I say, OCD until you can't stand yourself and then walk away for a couple of days! It will work out with fresh eyes and being particular is worth it to you and thats what matters! Unless you're never going to see the project again and then the OCD part can ve cut out! Cake Please!

  3. We used our antique typewriter to type a message into the "Love" card you gave us for Christmas and gave it to our friends Alan and Christine for Valentine's Day! They LOVED IT. We also brought some food over in the polka-dot potluck dish holder you made, and they praised this as well. When they learned that you were the friend that made both of these things, they said, "You guys have such a TALENTED friend!" Yep. We do.